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Spirit Box

Spirit Box

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The Spirit Box is designed and manufactured by Spirit Store. Since its launch in March 2023, our Spirit Box has received rave reviews from paranormal investigators around the world. The Spirit Box is used for paranormal investigations and ghost hunting worldwide.

👉 The Spirit Box can scan AM and FM radio waves up and down at different speeds: 50, 100 and 150 milliseconds

👉 Has a volume control, backlight, headphone jack and is very easy to use

👉 We ship worldwide

How does a Spirit Box function?

The Spirit Box works by continuously scanning radio frequencies in rapid succession. This gives spirits or entities the opportunity to communicate via radio through so-called EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

The idea is that spirits or entities will take advantage of these rapid frequency changes to form words or sentences by manipulating the noise or fragments of voices.

The Spirit Box has been tested and reviewed by collectors and paranormal investigators. People were mainly very satisfied with the price-quality ratio.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Dennis P.
Spirit box

Great Produkt Works very fine

Bram L.
sound is meh

when scrolling trough AM frequency when ur around 90 its relly quiet and hard to hear but the further it scrolls the louder it gets making for un even communication and it feels kind of cheap for 80 bucks but it does kinds work so 3 stars is fair to me

Cindy B.

It works perfectly
We only try it at home jet,
But soon we will try it outside.
Thank you

Anke L.

Sent it back. Please give my money back

Ina S.
Spirit box

Perfect. Good Produkt.

Michelle W.

Wanneer je iets wil weten over een bestelling word er snel gereageerd. Vraag je iets over een retour, duurt het dagen.

Cheyenne Q.

I bought this for €80 and i received it, it's just a radio and nothing paranormal comes out of it, it's one big lie, it's fake. Don't bother wasting your money on it.

Dear Cheyenne, we suggest you educate yourself and study the paranormal before placing comments like this. We wish you the best in your future paranormal activities regardless.