Spirit Box

How to use a Spirit Box for Ghost Hunting

A Spirit Box is a device used in paranormal research to communicate with spirits. The device works by playing short radio waves through a speaker and quickly switching between different frequencies. Read our step-by-step guide on how to effectively use a Spirit Box on your ghost hunting adventures.

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How to use a Spirit Box?

  1. Go to a location where you suspect that spirits might be present. For practice you can use the Spirit Box at home first. The next step would be to go to suspected haunted locations for the best results.

  2. Turn on the device and start scanning. You can scan at different speeds. Figure out which speed works best for you. You can also attach headphones to the Spirit Box to more clearly absorb the audio.

  3. Start recording the sessions either with a camera or an EVP recorder.

  4. Ask question to the spirits and listen closely to the Spirit Box, you might get an intelligent response.

  5. Stop the recording. You can now finish the investigation and carefully analyze the recording at home. Slowly go through every bit of the recording to hear if anything came through that you might interpret as an answer to your question.

  6. Also pay attention to the sounds around you. There may be foot steps. There maybe knocking. There maybe touching. The temperature might drop.

The Spirit Box is very popular in use among paranormal investigation teams, especially in the United States. However, there is increasing demand for it in Europe.

The Spirit Box is now on sale!

Locations to best use the Spirit Box

Spirit boxes are typically used in locations believed to contain spirits, such as old buildings, abandoned places, and places with a rich history or known apparitions. Below are some examples of locations where spirit boxes are commonly used:

  1. Ancient castles and prisons: These locations often have a rich history and are associated with spirits who were imprisoned or died there.

  2. Abandoned Buildings: Abandoned buildings such as hospitals, schools and commercial buildings can be attractive locations for spirits that are still present.

  3. Sights with a rich history: Sights such as ancient battlefields and places where important events took place can also be attractive locations for ghosts.

  4. Places with known apparitions: Some locations have a reputation for apparitions and can therefore be attractive to ghosts.

Please note that using spirit boxes on private property without the owner's permission may be unlawful. It is always wise to ask permission to use a spirit box in locations where you are not sure whether this is allowed.

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