Ghost Hunting Equipment

The Gear You Need For Ghost Hunting: Our Top Picks!

Ghost hunting is a popular activity to observe and investigate ghostly activities. Many ghost hunters use various types of equipment to aid them in their search for unexplained events. We have made a list of the best gear currently on the market!

The best ghost hunting equipment is now on sale!

 Ghost Hunting Equipment: Our Top Picks

  • EMF Meter: This device detects electromagnetic fields and is designed to detect changes in these fields that could be considered evidence of paranormality.

  • Spirit Box: This device generates white noise and uses FM scans to pick up ghost voices.
    Infrared thermometer: This device measures temperature changes and can be used to identify cold spots, which are often considered signs of ghostly activity.
  • EVP Recorder: This device is used to record unexplained sounds that cannot be heard by the naked ear. Some ghost hunters believe they can hear ghost voices or sounds on these recordings.

  • Dimmer switch: This device can be used to turn the lights in a room on and off in an attempt to communicate with spirits.

  • Geigerteller: This device detects radiation and is used to identify unexplained spikes in the radiation.

  • Rem pod: This device detects movements and changes in electromagnetic fields and is used to confirm the presence of ghosts.

The Best Paranormal Series

These gadgets are often seen in popular TV series such as Ghost Adventures. Besides Ghost Adventures, there are a number of other series that you really shouldn't miss! Here our top 7:

  1. Ghost Adventures: A popular reality show in which three ghost hunters, Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin, search for ghostly activity.

  2. Most Haunted: A British television series in which presenter Yvette Fielding's team searches for paranormality in buildings and locations in the United Kingdom.

  3. Paranormal State: A reality show that follows the work of the ParaNexus Research Center, a group of paranormal researchers who search for ghosts and other paranormality.

  4. Ghost Hunters: An American television series in which TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) searches for ghostly activities and tries to clarify them.

  5. Destination Fear: A reality show in which a group of ghost hunters look for ghostly activities in abandoned buildings and locations.

  6. Kindred Spirits: A television series in which paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry help families affected by ghostly activity.

  7. Ghost Nation: A reality show in which a group of ghost hunters look for ghostly activities and try to solve them.

The best ghost hunting equipment is now on sale!

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